Lighting is one of the easiest and most visually effective ways to transform your outdoor living area at night. Yet despite all the benefits of including lighting options during your deck construction, it is very often overlooked by both customers and contractors alike. Add lighting and add value!

When deciding what would be the best lighting to use in your outdoor area you need to consider factors such as cost vs. energy efficiency, ease of installation, lighting colour and brightness, heat emissions and the style of light fitting you want.

Use of softer warm, white decking lights help create that inviting outdoor living area. Deciding on the positioning of the lighting is critical to avoid any unwanted glare. Use soft downward or outward-focused lighting. For any above deck lighting, avoid positions that are in the line of sight at any time. Inset deck lights are usually best positioned on the deck perimeter and around stair treads to avoid glare. 

Many lighting kits nowadays come with WIFI operated controllers which allows for dimming. This is the best way to manage the outdoor lighting effectively. Remember your deck lighting is for creating a mood and not creating a landing strip. More is not better!

When considering costs, LED lighting is around 12x more expensive than regular incandescent light bulbs, but on average they are around 90% more energy efficient. Considering that they can also last up to 25x longer than regular bulbs, LEDs are probably the most cost-effective lighting option available. Always make sure the light source is not enclosed as this could cause higher than usual heat build-up. It’s also advisable to use water-proof rated products for your lighting. 

Lighting also increases safety at night and by installing strip LEDs under handrails or under stair treads is both discreet and very effective. The styles and colour options for deck lighting are numerous and almost all lighting suppliers will have a comprehensive range for you to choose from. 

Finally, as always, the best advice to offer you when deciding on outdoor lighting is to pre-plan!  Knowing your lighting options before your decking project begins will save you a lot of time and money.

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