Poliwood Composites is a Melbourne based company supplying quality, certified building materials into the Australian building industry.

We aim to offer the market cost effective product alternatives that meet Australia’s high quality standards. Our Products are made to meet and exceed Australian standards and last in the harsh Australian Conditions. We put all our products through rigorous testing prior to releasing any products into the Australian market..



             WHY USE POLIWOOD

01Cost Effective

Poliwood is a premium quality decking board at a very competive price.

02Super Low Maintenance

With Poliwood there is no need for sanding, oiling or painting your deck, only a quick sweep and its good to go..

03Colours & Finishes

Poliwood comes is a wide range of colours and has Brushed finish to our decking boards .

best wood decking material

04Peace of Mind

When choosing Poliwood you can trust that our  products have been subject to some of the most comprehensive testing and certification processes in the country. Poliwood complies with all Australian National Standards, and also comes with a warranty of up to 25 years.


With the concealed clip fixing system and an option of using solid end fascia boards or easy to install end caps you can customize your deck to achieve any look.

06Speedy Installation

With the concealed clip system and optional end caps installing you deck can now be done much faster compared to a conventional timber deck,