Composite Decking

A low maintenance alternative to what has come before. Poliwood supplies Australian trade professionals and homeowners with quality composite decking material so that they can get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Our decking material options differ from traditional timber and provide many advantages across the board. The composites that we distribute are easy to use, look great and will also stand up to the harsh, outdoor conditions. We’ve had our products tested and certified to Australian standards which guarantees you peace of mind on your low maintenance deck.

Poliwood delivers across Australia and offers a solution to many of the construction industry’s biggest problems. Our low maintenance and quick to install composite decking will save you time and effort so you can get on with the more important things in life.

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Poliwood is a premium, durable and long-lasting product at a highly competitive price.
With Poliwood there is no need for sanding, oiling or painting your deck. Only a quick sweep or a wipe and it’s good to go.


Poliwood comes in a range of colours with an authentic looking brushed finish to our composite decking boards.

When you buy Poliwood you can trust that our boards have been through some of the most comprehensive testing and certifications and comply with all Australian National Standards.


With the concealed clip fixing system and an option of using solid end fascia boards you can customise your deck to achieve any look.

With the concealed clip fixing system, installing your deck can now be done much faster compared to a conventional timber deck.


Poliwood is made from 60% reclaimed wood fibres and 30% recycled plastics making it an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional timber decking.
With Poliwood’s 25 year limited warranty you have the certainty that you’re buying a product that will last.

Pricing Enquiries

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Hollow Core Decking Board

The Hollow Core Decking Board is the primary board to be used when constructing your deck. The double grooved board is to be used in conjunction with the 1mm or 5mm concealed fixing system and the starter and finishing clips. Its hollow core design uses Ultra Core Technology which means it increases tensile strength by 35% while reducing overall weight by 20%.

Solid Fascia Board

The Solid Fascia Board is used on the vertical face of the deck to conceal the underneath region of the deck. The Fascia Board is used in conjunction with the colour matched stainless steel screw to enable a hidden and secure fixing.

Single Groove Decking Board

The Single Groove Decking Board is a multi- purpose board. It can be used as a breaker board, picture frame board, fascia board, stair treads or whenever a face fixing is needed. The Single Groove Decking Board is used in conjunction with the colour matched stainless steel screws, starter clips, finishing clips and 1mm or 5mm concealed fixing clips.
Code Description Dimensions Length Joist Centres Fix Method Slip Rating Colours
HC01 Hollow Core Deck 138x23mm 5.70 400 Concealed Clip System R10 Charcoal, Oldwood & Sandalwood
FB01 Solid Fascia Board 138x15mm 4.88 450 Colour Match Screw R10 Charoal, Oldwood & Sandalwood
SG01 Single Groove Deck Board 138x23mm 5.70 450 Colour Match Screw R10 Charcoal, Oldwood & Sandalwood


Fixing Clip - 1mm

Our 1mm Fixing Clip is made from 304 stainless steel and is designed to securely fix down Poliwood decking boards to the frame beneath whilst creating a perfect 1mm spacing between each board.

Fixing Clip - 5mm

Using our concealed fixing clips is the easiest, fastest and neatest way of securely fixing down Poliwood decking boards. The 5mm Fixing Clip is made from high quality TPO plastic and designed to securely fix the decking board down to the frame beneath while creating a perfect 5mm spacing between each board.

Starter Clip

The Starter Clip is the easiest way to start off the first board of your deck. The clips are designed to keep the first board straight to ensure a perfect decking board set-out. The Starter Clips are completely invisible once installed.

Colour Match Screw

Our colour matched screws have been precisely coloured to match the colour and tones of our three decking board colours. Colour matched screws should be used in conjunction with the the fascia board to ensure the perfect hidden fixing every time.

Finishing Clip

The Finishing Clip is a fuss free way to firmly secure the last board of your deck. The clips become completely invisible when used in conjunction with the fascia board.
Code Description Gap Timber Fix Metal Fix Clips Needed Per m/2 Colour
FC5 TPO Plastic Fixing Clip 5mm Y Y 17 Black
FC1 Stainless Steel Decking Fixing Clip 1mm Y Y 19 Black
FC1 Stainless Steel Starter Clip N/A Y Y N/A Black
AC2 Stainless Steel Finishing Clip N/A Y Y N/A Black
CM1 Stainless Steel Colour Match Screws N/A Y Y N/A Charcoal, Oldwood & Sandalwood

Installation Advice

Check out our comprehensive Installation Guide for everything you need to know about installing your Poliwood deck.


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The advantages of our composite timber decking

Many people think that our products are too good to be true, and we can hardly blame them. Poliwood gives trade professionals and DIY home owners the option to quickly install amazing decks that are truly impressive. We trust that you will love the results on offer when you decide to use our tried and tested brand. There’s no job too great or too small for our materials and we also offer competitive prices on our composite decking to suit a range of budgets.  

Quick and easy installation

Get things done quickly and stop wasting valuable time. Builders across Australia love working with Poliwood because it means that they are able to get things done faster than ever before. Our composite decking is perfect if you are under the pump as it utilises a concealed clip fixing system. Say goodbye to endless days spent drilling in the hot sun and instead welcome an easier alternative. This is why we are the first call for composite decking contractors on jobs both near and far. 

UV and termite resistant decking

Install your Poliwood deck and then put your tools down. It’s that simple. We take the hard work out of traditional building with a composite decking material that doesn’t require time consuming aftercare or prep work. There’s no oiling or sanding involved whatsoever. You’ll also love the fact that our product is UV resistant and can withstand even the hottest of conditions. Worried about bugs and insects? Poliwood is the best termite resistant decking available.    

Recycled composite design

We stand by the exceptional finishes that Poliwood provides and trust that you will be well and truly impressed by everything that our product can do. Our company has a strong environmental focus and prides itself on working towards reducing the carbon footprint. This is why our composite decking material is made from 90% recycled products. Rest easy and know that we offer a 25 year warranty across the board.

Key features of Poliwood 

Termite resistant 

UV resistant 

Easy installation 

Supershield 360 degree encapsulation

Concealed clip fixing system 

Super long 5.7m lengths 

25-year residential warranty

Made from 90% recycled material

Low maintenance – no sanding, staining, painting or oiling 

Low gloss authentic wood grain look

Suppliers of composite decking

Get in touch with the team at Poliwood and we will make your life easier. Our composite timber decking boards are the perfect way to improve efficiency and to ensure that all jobs are completed with a minimum of fuss. You’ll be proud of the decks that you can build with the products that we offer. We can also help with your garden fence screening needs. Our team can handle the supply and installation of your next project. With our highly skilled installers, no job is too big or too small. Get in touch for a free quote.


Call us to find out more about how we can help with your next project. Poliwood provides a fantastic service to composite decking installers and home owners all across Australia.