Recycled Timber Decking

We have the answers to your supply problems. Poliwood works with trade professionals and DIY homeowners all across Australia to provide quality recycled timber decking and installation services. Our products offer a fantastic alternative to traditional options and bring with them a range of benefits. Poliwood is easy to install and will save you a considerable amount of time. It requires little to no maintenance and also looks absolutely amazing. We are more than confident that you will love the results that we can bring to your jobs, be them big or small. Our Melbourne based company is committed to delivering new ways of working as a subcontractor and you will be totally impressed by what we can do for you. Contact the Poliwood team today and experience the difference that we can make.   

A great alternative

Ditch the old style materials and go with something new. Poliwood will save you time and effort across the board and we guarantee that you will never look back once you make the switch. Our products are easy to install thanks to a concealed clip system with optional end caps. You’ll spend less time on your knees and more time getting other important tasks done. Poliwood requires little to no aftercare, all thanks to a clever design and some handy features. Say goodbye to sanding and oiling decks and simply walk away at the end of the job instead. A UV resistant coating is included on our recycled composite decking to ensure that the harsh weather conditions never do any damage. You can also rest easy knowing that Poliwood is backed up by an anti-termite finish. Expect a beautiful looking deck that stands the test of time when you choose our product. Tradies all across Australia love working with our recycled timber decking and we trust that you will too.     

About us

Poliwood is an earth conscious company that works with recycled materials to bring you fantastic products. Our cost effective composite decking is perfect for subcontractors looking to save money and get their work completed quickly. We test our designs against a range of different conditions to ensure that what we provide is of the highest quality. You won’t be disappointed when you contact our team and see for yourself just how amazing our products are. Poliwood is the composite decking company that you can’t live without. Call us today for a free quote and make the shift.