215 Decking have been dealing with Poliwood for a couple of years now. We have completed about 7 decks using Poliwood Decking and can recommend it as a genuine high quality and well priced composite decking product. All accessories are well thought out and make installation quick and hassle free.
Tyler Scott

215 Decking

At Leisure Decking, we’ve been really impressed with the well thought out Poliwood range. They’ve managed to provide a complete system of boards and fixing options that meet, or even exceed the technical specs of their competitors at a price point that makes Poliwood a truly affordable alternative to timber.

Leisure Decking

Poliwood is an amazing quality product with a very competitive price, the decking is extremely realistic, hard wearing and the service from Poliwood is first class.

Handy Decking

We installed over 800m2 of Poliwood decking (Charcoal) on a seven-story commercial apartment project. The decking product was very easy to use and the finished result came out really well. We had to manhandle the product up all the levels due to very limited crane access on site but thankfully Poliwood’s hollow core made the handling a lot easier than conventional or other composite decking products. The order was also custom sized so our install wastage was greatly reduced. Great service and great result. Would recommend Poliwood decking.
Nick Batsanis

Dynamic Developments Carpentry

I have used Poliwood for two years now and I have used other types of composite decking. Poliwood is my choice for my customers as it’s thoroughly tested and a great product to work with and highly cost effective which my customers love, combined with great service and the overwhelming satisfaction from my customers is why I can rely 100% on Poliwood.

Discount Decking

We are a premium level Composite Deck installer in Bayswater. We are accredited installers for many of the top Composite brand names. Increasingly over the past twelve months, we have been installing Poliwood Composite decking. As a Second Generation Composite, we determined that Poliwood decking is an ideal product to meet our client’s needs, both in price and performance. We are very confident in Poliwood. So much so, we installed their full range of colours in our premium outdoor display.
Mathew Easton

Timber Decking Now


Jump on the phone and give us a call to find out more about how we can help with your next job. Our dedicated and professional team will assist with all your needs and change the way that you approach hard work. Poliwood is conveniently located in Melbourne and provides a fantastic service to composite decking contractors all across Australia.

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